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Allergy Testing

and Treatment


Our office offers a complete range of blood and skin testing for allergies, both inhalants as well as food.


Blood Test


The blood testing uses an allergen-specific IgE antibody to test for allergies to tree, grass, or weed pollens, mold spores, dust mites, and animal dander.  These antibodies can also be used to test for reactivity to certain foods, drugs, as well as chemicals.  The blood test is highly specific, which means that a positive result is highly accurate.


Intradermal Test


We also offer skin testing which consists of injecting a small amount of the allergen in the dermis of the skin.  This is usually done when the blood testing is inconclusive, but is still suspected that the person is allergic.  The intradermal test is highly sensitive.  It can be used as a complement to the blood testing.  Serial dilutions of the allergen are placed in the dermis using this technique until a reaction appears or the patient is declared non-allergic.




Treatment of allergens in our office consists of immunotherapy or allergy shots that are the result of each patient’s allergy testing.  These allergy shots are increased in a stepwise fashion to build up immunity to the allergens.  The body’s response to these allergy shots builds blocking antibodies, which allow the patient to become tolerant of exposure.  This means that the allergy symptoms are not only less severe, but may also be completely absent.
The recommended regimen is to take allergy injections once a week.  Each injection is increased to a higher dose slowly and cautiously until the highest dose possible is reached. We recommend at least two years of therapy to reduce reactivity for several years.

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